Is Network Marketing A Lottery? Satta Matka

You only have to go online and do a quick search on network marketing or home based businesses to find that there are millions to choose from and all claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread.

I should know I’ve looked at or joined so many over the years that I’ve lost count. Sadly I’ve even fallen foul of some scams which left me not only with a bad taste in my mouth but a lot lighter in the pocket.

If you are seriously looking to work from home you need to research your potential business before jumping in. The questions you need to have answered are:

Is the business honest, legal and ethical?

Is the business contactable? Is there a phone number and address for the head office and does someone actually answer the phone when you call? If not steer well clear.

Is the Company a member of any governing bodies? Not always the case but a bonus if it is.

Does it have a proven track record? How long has it been running?

Will you receive help and support from others or will you be left feeling alone?

If there is a joining fee is it reasonable and refundable should you change your mind?

What’s the market potential? Whatever the product you will only be successful if there are people out there who want what you have to offer and preferably on a repeat basis.

Will you have to buy or carry stock? Not everyone’s cup of tea especially if you have to forward that stock on to someone else.

Can the business be run entirely on the internet? Satta There are many businesses out there that can be run entirely from your home based computer without the need to buy, carry or ship stock. These are easier to run and providing you find the right one for you can be very profitable.

I was fortunate to find a business that ticked all these boxes and instead of taking part in what seemed to be the home based business lottery I now have a home based business that IS the lottery. If that interests you you’ll be able to find more information below.

Once you’ve found your business that ticks all the boxes the next thing you’ll need to look at is your marketing strategy. Don’t think just because you’ve found your ideal product that people will rush to you. You still need to find a way of making the millions of people who are online every day know that you are there and that you have something they are already looking for either cheaper, better or more efficient.

Again there are too many websites that will promise you they are the best thing for marketing your business or helping you to build a network of members. You need to apply the same strategy as above when looking at these and you will probably find that most of them will not deliver what you really need. Mostly they put you in contact with people exactly like yourself. People who have found a product they love that they wish to tell the world about.

What you really need is to develop the skills you need as an individual to know your way around the internet. How it works, why successful marketers do what they do and how you can do the same.

So in brief, network marketing is not a lottery if you research your product thoroughly and equip yourself with the skills you need to be successful.


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